Presentation: Getting the Most Out of Your Finance Function

When: Thursday July 20, 2023 at 12noon

Online Presentation


Derek Barto conducts an insightful conversation discussing how law firms generate reliable and timely information to better run their businesses.  In this presentation you will discover how to consistently access your Firm’s financial data and learn strategies to manage the processes involved.  He begins with a discussion of developing expectations and defining priorities for accounting teams.   Next he explores methods to access data and establish management reports for measuring success.  Finally, he examines techniques for reviewing, enhancing, and maintaining key processes that produce important information.  This course equips you with essential knowledge to optimize your accounting resources and place the information you need to run your firm at your fingertips.

Improve Processes Using OPI

It may feel a little unnatural but understanding and visualizing your desired results will allow you to design your procedures to ensure you get clear measurable information out of your processes.  This is key to constant improvement.

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What is quality information?

Quality information is the foundation of any good decision making. When running a law firm, the quality of the information you use can significantly impact your client relationships, and sometimes even your ability to practice.

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