Expert Consulting and Strategy

Each firm is unique with different financial needs. We provide targeted services to improve the financial health of your firm. We’ll work with you to determine the needs of your firm and where we can provide the most value. Our services include budgeting and forecasting, practice area strategy and structure, process assessment and improvement, and profitability improvement.

Planning, budgeting and forecasting 

Planning and measurement are keys to achieving results.  Barto Consulting assists firms with developing performance goals, quantifying the results and forming them into measurable budgets that are comparable to actual results. 

Practice area strategy and structure

Influencing your Firm’s performance gets more challenging as you grow.  Keep your processes and reporting relevant to your leaders so action can be taken to improve results.  Barto Consulting helps to implement practice area strategies to enhance leaders’ ability to monitor and influence practice area performance and improve profitability. 

Process assessment and improvement

In small and mid-sized law firms, the evolution of business needs is unavoidable. Many times the procedures developed to adapt to one environment don’t perform as intended as the Firm’s needs evolves. At Barto Consulting, we bring our extensive experience working with law firms of all sizes to help your firm’s processes function effectively and efficiently. Our team of experts understands the challenges in today’s legal landscape, and we offer a collaborative approach to optimizing Law Firms’ operations, while navigating each Firm’s distinct requirements.

Pricing and  Profitability 

Pricing strategies extend far beyond simply setting billing rates. An effective one requires alignment amongst the key functions of a Law Firm including legal delivery, operations and strategic leadership across all practices. When integrated with the market strategy and bolstered by well performing processes it becomes a key driver to improved profitability. Barto Consulting specializes in guiding law firms towards developing, executing, and sustaining effective pricing strategies, all while fortifying the essential procedures required for ongoing success.